2006 Bowman Heritage Baseball Hobby Box

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Look for (1) Autographed Card and (2) Game-Used Memorabilia Cards per box on average!!  Each pack will deliver (2) Parallel Cards! Each box will contain (1) Hobby Exclusive Box Loader - a 5-card pack of 2006 Draft Pick Variations!!

Look for randomly inserted Printing Plates and 1-of-1 Black Parallels!!

Key Rookies: Key Rookies:  Dan Uggla, Matt Kemp, Joel Zumaya, Nick Markakis, Ian Kinsler, Kendry Morales, Hanley Ramirez, Shin-Soo Choo, Jason Bartlett, Ricky Nolasco, Cole Hamels, Adam Jones, Russell Martin, Jon Lester, Justin Verlander, Jonathan Papelbon, Howie Kendrick, Jered Weaver, Stephen Drew, Andre Ethier, Matt Cain.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Base Cards - 4 per pack o Veterans(200) o Rookies(50) o Short-Printed Veterans & Rookies(50 subjects; 25each) - Inserted 1:3 packs

Parallel Cards - 2 per pack o Hobby Exclusive! Black(300) - Each is a 1 of 1 o White(300) - 4 per box o Rainbow(300) - Inserted 1 per pack o Mini(300) - Inserted 1 per pack

Insert Cards - 2 per pack o Prospects(100) o Hobby Exclusive! Prospects Black Parallel(100) o Prospects White Parallel(100) - 4per box

Autographed Cards - Insert 1 per box o Signs of Greatness(20) o Hobby Exclusive! Signs of Greatness Black Parallel(20) - Hand-numbered to 1 o Signs of Greatness White Parallel(20) - Hand-numbered to 5

Relic Cards - Inserted 2 per box o Pieces of Greatness(50) o Hobby Exclusive! Pieces of Greatness Black Parallel(50) - Each is a 1of 1 o Pieces of Greatness White Parallel(50) - Sequentially numbered to 49

Printing Plates - Each is a 1 of 1 o Hobby Exclusive! Base Card Printing Plates(300 subjects/4 per) o Hobby Exclusive! Prospect Card PrintingPlates(100 subjects/4 per

Box Loaders- Each inserted 1 per box o 5-card pack of Draft Pick Variations(25 subjects) - 5 different Box Loader packs o Scouting Report

24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

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