Sell Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Bulk

Currently we pay the following rates for Near Mint condition cards. 

Bulk Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Commons/Rares: $0.01 each, (Minimum 1000)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Foils (Super, Gold Rare Holo, Ultra, Secret, etc): $0.07 each (Minimum 300)

Bulk Pokemon;

Pokemon Commons/Uncommons: $0.01 each (Minimum 1000) NO ENERGIES

Pokemon Rares: $0.02 each (Minimum 500)

Pokemon Holos/Reverse Holos: $0.04 each (Minimum 500)

Pokemon V, Vmax, GX, EX, VStar, Shiny Vault, Full Arts: $0.33 each

Trainer Gallery & Galarian Gallery: $0.25 each

Cards must be Near Mint, Facing the same direction, right side up and not sleeves. We currently only buy English bulk.